As Fall wore on both Kayla and Melissa continued to both go to swimming lessons every week. Melissa also went to music lessons every week. Susan went to Pilates every week. Glen, as most falls, was in home mode, with fall being the one season I don't have a great personal hobby to regularly do, other than work. Work was very busy for Glen, with him travelling to Chicago in early November for a few days for work. Melissa for the first time joined mom and sister Kayla at a family yoga session and all enjoyed it.

In mid November Melissa celebrated her birthday proper at Boston Pizza with the family. The following weekend she had a big party with a number of friends over and many fun activities done. In late November Susan started to regularly go to ice skating lessons at the Bill Copeland Sport Centre, and by a month later is tentatively but competently ice skating. Other than the first week where she gave herself a bruise on her knee, she completed the course without incident.

Planned for a couple of years, we finally in December started to look seriously to get ourselves some sort of trailer that we could use for the coming summer's trip to Saskatchewan for Glen's family reunion, and also in subsequent years for a planned trip to Disneyland, and a variety of other short camping trips I'm sure we'll take. We had planned to shop at this time of year, thinking it would be a buyers market, and it mostly was. We looked at a few used trailers for sale by owner, and did make an offer on one, but didn't get one of those ultimately. We did find our dream tent trailer at Voyager RV in Winfield, a Jayco Jay Series 1207. Melissa and I made a trip into the interior to stay at Glen's parents for a visit, bring them back to the coast for Christmas, and to make final payment on the trailer.

Early December the snow finally arrived on the local mountains and Glen has taken both Kayla and Melissa up to Mount Seymour a number of times. The second weekend in December Susan, Glen, and Melissa all started their holidays, and Kayla got a long weekend, by spending the weekend at Whistler for a few days of skiing and fun.

We set up our Christmas tree good and early, even though we didn't get the outside lights up until after we were back from Whistler.

During the week that Kayla was in school and the rest of us were off on holidays, we managed to pick Kayla up in good time each day, and when some snow arrived in town, we had fun making a couple of snowmen.

A few days before Christmas we held our annual Christmas brunch, and had a very good turnout of friends, with 37 people in attendance.

Glen's parents spent the week at our place celebrating Christmas. Besides the party the weekend before Christmas, we are also having over family on Christmas eve for dinner, and plan to go to Nancy and Simon's for the annual Christmas dinner. Between Christmas and New Years we all plan to go to Kamloops, and maybe go for a day to Sun Peaks for a day of skiing. We are tentatively planning to leave Kayla and Melissa with Grandpa and Grandma for a night, while Glen and Susan drive back to the coast so Susan can return to work, then Glen will drive back to Kamloops to spend a few days there while Susan is home working. I'm sure whatever we do we will have a good time.

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