After getting back from our cruise mid May we had a busy latter half of spring doing many things.

Right the week after getting back, we went to the lake for the Victoria Day Long weekend. We stayed at Glen's parents rather than our place as we knew we wouldn't be coming again for a while, and with the way things had been, it costs us extra money every month (not much) to turn the water on at our cabin so since we weren't going to be there again for a while, we skipped turning it on. I mention it had cost us more to have our water on, also happening this weekend was a vote as to whether Anglemont wanted to transition their (until then) private water system to be under the care of the Columbia Shuswap Regional District, so we went and voted. The vote passed by quite the land slide to transition the water system to the regional district, so we in the coming year will be getting a much better water system and also transitioning to not have any different in cost whether our personal water is on or off (thus maybe driving us to stay earlier at our cabin in coming years). We had a good weekend, going boating, throwing rocks in the lake, and just having fun on the beach.

A couple of weekends later we went to the annual Hats Off Day event. We watched the parade of course. We (or more specifically Glen) amused a few people on the side of the street mid parade when we ran across the street in a break in the parade, and didn't realize that Melissa's hat was covering her eyes and she couldn't see. Poor Melissa got dragged along. Here's a picture:

Both Kayla and Melissa had their faces painted. They also both made hats.

A couple of weekends later we went for our friend's Zach and Jen's annual Alice Lake visit. Sadly this year the weather wasn't so great, raining LOTS. The kids still had great fun including some games that Jen and Zach arranged. There was also lots of biking, and of course THE RAIN. There was so much rain that although it was supposed to be a 2 night campout, not a single family actually stayed both nights. If the kids hadn't ran out of clothes late in the afternoon we probably could have done it, but late Saturday afternoon we packed up and left (completing the domino effect of families leaving). It was still a good time, thanks Jen and Zach, we'll be there next year hoping for better weather.

Immediately after coming back from the cruise, and for those weekends when we were home through to the end of June, Kayla had fun taking ballet at the community centre.

Last weekend in June had Glen's parents come to town for Rebecca's (our niece's) graduation from high school. On the weekend we went to the Burnaby Village Museum, where we watched a blacksmith, toured the old buildings, and of course rode the world famous carousel (Melissa rode the prime show horse used in the ads for the carousel).

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