Planned for a few years, Susan's parents finally moved to the lower mainland as we approached Canada Day. Susan's brother Richard had taken a week off work to help them pack a moving truck in Calgary, then help them drive from Calgary to their new place, which is just a few blocks from where we live (very handy for looking after Kayla (both girls ultimately) before and after school). During the week they arrived, we celebrated Susan's mother's birthday. In their first few months here, they have helped lots as both Kayla and Melissa got sick with impetigo over the summer, and so had to stay away from daycare. Thanks to Susan's parents they were able to look after them during the day.

Due to some flooding that was taking place in the interior, and at the Shuswap (not affect either our place or Glen's parents place), we kept away from our cabin for longer than usual. So the weekend after Canada Day we finally got to our cabin (after months of not being there). We launched the boat and went and visited the Cassel's, and Kayla and Melissa had a good time playing with Owen and Sara who were Judy and Todd's kids.

Also in the summer, after years of thinking about it, we decided to do some home maintenance related to some efflourescence we had in one corner of our house. We had some drain experts come in and evaluate what needed to be done. The suggestion was to stop our driveway from sloping toward our house and allowing water to pool against our house by putting gravel in the last 18" towards our house. Since the hole would need to be dug anyway, they suggested upgrading the drain tile on that side since it was the one side of the house that had older technology drain tile. So they dug out the dirt in the last few inches and then filled it in with gravel. It does with time show that even in heavy rain, there is never water that gets near the house foundation so it seems the problem is solved.

In late July we had a great day at playland for a fun day put on by Glen's work. We rode many fun rides (including a couple of great rides on the Kettle Coaster).

In August we continued going to the lake, and also went to the world famous Abbotsford Air Show. We walked and saw many planes and pilots and jets and helicopters. We also watched many great airshows, including the very impressive Thunderbirds, who are the USAF demonstration team. In jets that aren't as powerful, we were still thouroughly amazed by the Snowbirds (maybe because they go a bit slower so you can see them better).

In late August Melissa's daycare was closed so we spent a week at the lake and had fun playing. Our friends Jen and Zach and kids Jasmine and Corbin stopped by, and again our girls had great fun.

We came back from the weeklong holiday early in the Labour Day weekend so that Kayla could get rested and in routine ready for start of school. We did go to the PNE and had a fun day, including dinner across the street from the PNE at Tom & Jerry's.

Kayla's birthday party got cancelled first weekend in September after Labour Day due to Melissa getting impetigo. Kayla did not lose out, since from the food had already been made so we had a birthday dinner, and then had it all again a few weeks later. In between the original date and the makeup date in late September we did attend Josh's birthday with a superhero theme. So Kayla was super ballerina, Melissa was super chicken, mom was super mom, and dad was super geek dad.

Last weekend in September we went to the lake and had a great time going on a few hikes. We walked down the street across the gulley for a few kilometres, then on Sunday we walked up to Evelyn Falls, and even saw a bear on the way back. Glen's parents weren't around due to having flown east to see some states they hadn't seen. Then on the second weekend we again went, which was Thanksgiving, and we had Grace and Richar with Ben and Josh along. This weekend we had a great Thanksgiving dinner at Glen's parents, and some great breakfasts, and a fun day at Earl's with a campfire and riding bikes. Richard and Grace were great help winterizing our cabin since this was our last visit to our cabin for the year. Thanks guys!

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