The following weekend after our ski weekend at Big White we were again back in the interior for the Easter long weekend. Auntie Shirley came with us to use up some of her holidays. Our destination was to Glen's parents, who were staying at their friends' the Nicholson's place (same place we had been for Christmas). While there we went hiking down Peterson Creek. Specifically the "we" was Susan, Glen, Glen's dad, and Susan's sister Shirley. Glen's mom and Kayla and Melissa met us half way down the trail and did the last half. It was a gorgeous view from various points along the trail. The following day was Easter Sunday and we of course had an Easter Egg hunt. With Shirley being a good artist, having her around for the weekend for encouragement brought out the artistic side of Kayla who spent the weekend doing portraits, and of course when Kayla gets into something so usually does Melissa who produced some good portraits. On the Easter Monday we went towards Kelowna. We dropped off Kayla, Melissa, and Shirley at a park in Sun Country (near Kalamalka Lake) while Susan and I went to an RV dealer we had bought a tent trailer from. For a few hours we learned about our tent trailer (how to put it up and down etc). After a few hours we took the trailer, picked up Shirley and the girls, and drove back home.

The following weekend we went to Corbin's birthday party, a fun filled event at the Confederation Park train.

Mid April so as to not forget how, we put up our tent trailer and took some measurements so we knew what to get to put inside. Disappointedly we discovered an unsewn seam facing up in one portion of the roof. After talking to the RV dealer service department, we decided we would use a local dealer to do the repairs. We were both pleased and disheartened to learn that the canvas would be fully repaired under warranty by the manufacturer but that it would take approximately two months so we left our trailer. The glass half full perspective was that the trailer was at the dealer lot so it didn't take any space in our driveway.

Early May we took advantage of the summer like conditions and washed the winter grime off all the vehicles by washing the cars.

Also early May Auntie Shirley left on her cross country driving trip. We wished her well and only expect to see her back early summer. She does promise to keep us informed by twitter updates and emails where time and technology allows.

For Mother's Day, Kayla's kindergarten class had a Mother's Day tea that Susan was lucky to attend. Kayla's class performed songs and dances.

The following week at Kayla's school was her sports day. She, along with most other kids in her school, decorated her bike and took part in a parade before she started the sports events.

That weekend we went to the lake for the May Day long weekend. While there we had a campfire at our place. Admittedly we aren't making it to our cabin much this year because of a strangely full calendar, so we enjoyed our time thouroughly.

The following week when back in town, we went to a very fun evening at one of the local schools (actually more local to where we used to live). As a fundraising event, the school was putting on a carnival and we had a lot of fun riding some rides and playing games.

The first day of June was the Burnaby Heights Hats Off Day celebration. We showed up in good time and had a good seat for the parade. We enjoyed some food, and took part in some exhibits.

Early June we went and got Kayla a new bike. It wasn't that Kayla really needed a new bike, it was just that Melissa was ready to move up from a run bike to a full sized bike and rather than get Melissa a new bike and Kayla not, we got Kayla a new bike (7 speed) and Melissa got Kayla's old bike. We we were also glad to get our tent trailer back, fully sewn up. Mid June Kayla's first tooth came out, she actually has a couple of loose teeth.

The weekend of June 22 was a busy one! We were out for dinner and shopping on Friday evening. Then Saturday morning Melissa went to her last Spring session music class. Kayla went to her last ballet class. Then we took our trailer and went to Porteau Cove and joined Glen's brother Jim and his wife Ellen and daughter Jessica. We had a great family time camping, and the girls had a wonderful time with Jessica on the beach, and sightseeing. The girls also brought their bikes and had fun biking around the campground loop. Glen's brother Jim has a good page on the weekend as well.

The following week was Kayla's last week of school. In kindergarten there are a number of fun things. Both Susan and Glen took Wednesday off and we went with Kayla's class to a day of fun at Confederation park, where we all got to ride the train. After the train, Kayla (and Melissa who was along for the day) and her classmates got to join the Library summer reading club.

For the July long weekend we went to our cabin. Saturday morning saw a thundershower, but beyond that it was a gorgeous weekend of weather. On both Saturday and Sunday we got out on the boat for swimming. We had a lot of fun with the big tube being out on the Sunday. On Monday we went to St. Ives' where we all went swimming (except grandma). We left late Monday afternoon to come home, and arrived just before the fireworks started downtown.

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