The 2012 newsletter mentioned the possibility of Kayla and Melissa going with dad to Grandma and Grandpa's after Christmas while mom stayed home to work. We actually all went to Kamloops a few days after Christmas, stayed for a surprise birthday party for Glen's mom, then all returned to home on New Year's day. New Year's eve was a quiet one, spent watching Men In Black III and going to bed before midnight. During the first week while mom was back at work, Kayla and dad went skiing at Mount Seymour, then Kayla voted to take Melissa out from daycare for a day so we all went to Science World.

Starting in January and continuing for a few months Melissa was going music lessons every week. Kayla was going to ballet lessons each week for the first few months. Both girls were in swimming lessons every weekend. And every Sunday Kayla and most weeks dad and half time mom and Melissa were going to ski lessons at Mount Seymour (Kayla was in lessons).

In late January, Glen went to Chicago for a week long business trip. He was at an event called the IHE Connectathon which is a big conference room filled with developers who are all testing their company's products for interopability. While there Glen along with the 2 others from his company tested their product with approximately 50 other companies. Susan and the girls stayed at home for the week.

In February we went geocaching a couple of weekends in a row. The first weekend we met with success in good weather. The second weekend it was very rainy and overcast and we didn't find the caches that we had set ourselves to find.

In late February we took the girls to a couple of shows at Brentwood Mall, first was Busy Town by Richard Scarry, and the second (which only Melissa attended due to Kayla being at ski lessons) was Franklin the Turtle.

For Kayla's spring break, which was the last weekend in March, she spent the first few days with Susan's parents, then mid week we went to the interior and spent a day with Glen's parents, and then went on to our annual ski trip, this year at Big White. We met up as usual with the Stratford family and some family friend's of theirs, Sandy and Dan. Just like our trip two years before the girls again went to the Big White carnival night and had their faces painted. The next day (Friday) both Kayla and Melissa went to the daycare and had not only fun at the daycare for the day but also each got a lesson. Melissa got an hour long individual lesson, while Kayla had a two hour group lesson. While they were in daycare Glen and Susan had fun covering the mountain skiing. We made it onto every chair except for the Falcon which was closed, and the Cliff Chair which kept breaking down (we skied to it's base, but decided it was a bad idea to get on since it was breaking down frequently and they didn't know why). After skiing and picking up the girls from daycare, we all went down to the tube park and had great fun tubing. On Saturday we all went skiing together. It was a good place for spring break, good people, and we were sad to see it come to an end when on Sunday we had to leave. On our drive back to Vancouver we had lunch with Sandy and Dan (and kids) at Boston Pizza in Merritt, then stopped to see the Othello Tunnels in Hope. We were disappointed to learn that the tunnels themselves were closed due to rock slide danger. Hopefully Parks is able to "fix" the problem and the park will open the tunnels again.

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