The last full week of September Glen got involved in a customer issue that was to take drag on for almost a couple of months. Many late nights were to be had, and also included a last minute arranged trip to Dublin Ireland leaving Sunday afternoon of that last weekend. Due to the last minute trip that was leaving Susan alone with the girls for the week, Glen's parents extended their stay in order to help look after the household, and stayed until mid-week. While there they had over family for dinner a few times, including Zachary who the girls had fun playing cards with.

Glen's trip to Dublin was work focussed, and due to wanting to get back quickly to not cause any overload at home did have the disadvantage of not allowing him to see much of Ireland. Most days of the week entailed a cab ride to the work office first thing in the morning, a late stay at the office meeting with people back home who were just starting their day, a cab ride back to the hotel, a quick dinner (including one night where time pressure put Glen into having dinner in a McDonalds), then more phone calls with people back in the home office, then late to bed (all to be repeated the next day). I was glad to eat in somewhat authentic irish pubs a few nights for dinner. Glen got home late on Friday, in time to take Melissa to music on Saturday morning just as if had not been away at all.

Mid October for Thanksgiving, we went to our cabin for the last time of the year to shutdown. We were joined by the Stratfords for the weekend. On Saturday we had a quiet day and went to the beach. We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at Glen's parents house. On Sunday we carried on the tradition of going to Uncle Earl's Meadow Creek property where we had a fire, cleared brush, went for a hike in the woods, spent some time riding bikes, and shooting guns! To explain the last point, the "gun" was actually a BB gun of Richard's (no license required) and as Earl's property is truly out in the woods, it is a good place to learn some firearm familiarity.

As October came to an end, we of course carved some pumpkins, dressed up for Halloween. Kayla was dressed as cotton candy and even handed out cotton candy to all her classmates, while Melissa was a sea monster. On Halloween night proper the girls went trick or treating with many of Kayla's friends based out of one of her friends' houses who was having a Halloween party (an annual event) and ended off the evening with a good show of fireworks!

In mid October, Glen got the flu shot at work. Late October, Susan got the flu shot at work. Imagine our susprise when the first weekend in November Glen came down with the flu. It started mostly on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday were by far the worst, and not too bad from Monday on. Thank goodness it didn't last long and thank goodness nobody else seemed to get it at this time.

The second weekend in November, Glen and Kayla went indoor rock climbing with friends Jennifer and Jazmine. It was Glen and Jen's first time to climb in 6+ years, and Jazmine and Kayla's first time ever (indoor rock climbing that is). Glen had encouraged the idea because Kayla just loves climbing things in the playground, and Kayla just loved it! We went to Cliffhanger in Coquitlam, and Kayla made it to the roof on one of the climbs!

Mid November we of course celebrated Melissa's birthday. The weekend a few days after her birthday we had a party to celebrate her being four. She of course had cake! And there were crafts and fun had by all! It was the first year since Melissa was born that her paternal grandparents had made it to their birthday, as they were passing through on their way to head south (their first time in two years).

The last full weekend in November Kayla and Glen went with Jazmine, Corbin, Zac, and Jennifer to Disney on Ice. It was a good show, although I do miss the format that used to be used where a full length Disney movie was presented. This year, like last, the format was a number of Disney shorts, undoubtedly to appeal to a wider range of tastes. It was an enjoyable enough show. Melissa and Susan had planned to go, but in the last day had to pull out due to Melissa getting the flu. Melissa was home from daycare for a few days. In the end of the week, probably due to Melissa having it, Susan seemed to come down with the same and had to stay home from work one day. She didn't seem to get it as badly. Kayla seems to be the only one so far who is making it through (knock on wood).

Through the fall weekends were often filled with lessons. Melissa was in music every Saturday morning at 9:00. Both Kayla and Melissa were in swimming at 10:30. Kayla was in ballet at 13:40. On Sundays, both Kayla and Melissa were in ice skating lessons at 12:15. Susan had originally planned to take some more communication classes in the fall, but BCIT cancelled the class. She instead requalified her first aid certificate on both days on the second to last weekend in November, and then the last week in November she took the Saturday to get her food safe course. Susan has also spent considerable time involved with the Montecito P.A.C. (parent advisory council) as the executive secretary (at least one meeting a week), and is the primary coordinator for the Santa pancake breakfast that happens the last week of school (you can see that both Susan's fall courses are valuable for her volunteer work). Both girls are signed up for ski lessons come January.

Also the last weekend of November, Kayla (and Melissa) went to one of her classmates birthday parties at Crash Crawly's (what a wild time that was!).

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