The first weekend of July as a birthday present celebration Susan went with friend Grace for a weekend away and went to Chrysalis Spa and Resort just across the border in Bellingham. She had a wonderful getaway from normal life demands and did some shopping and a nice spa treatment package. Then on the Sunday afternoon after returning home she went biking in the afternoon with friend Andrea. Glen and the girls went to Playland. We had a wonderful time riding many different very fun rides.

The second weekend in July we stayed in town as Susan's uncle and aunt were in town for the week and weekend and we spent some time visiting with them.

The third weekend in July we both took the Friday off to make a long weekend and we went with friends Zach and Jen and others to camp at Camperland in Chilliwack and we spent the Saturday at Bridal Veil Falls Waterslides. It was a very fun time. The RV resort we were in was also very nice as it had a nice pool and convenient access to Bridal Veil Falls. Kayla did every single waterslide in the waterslide park, except for the tubing river which she wasn't tall enough to ride.

The fourth weekend in July we started our summer holidays which are another whole story.

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