On getting back from our holiday we were surprised by Glen's parents that they had beat us back, and that they had sold their trailer while they were in Saskatchewan. Funny thing is that in this web site we described their getting the trailer new, and now they had sold it. They say they are just looking to thin down so that they don't have so much stuff and don't mind if they just stay in hotels when they travel.

We caught up in our yard in the week after getting back, and the early part of the following weekend. We had some huge zucchini's in our yard that Susan's mom had planted.

The weekend right after we got back from our summer holiday driving trip to Saskatchewan we went camping for the annual trip with Jen and Zach and other friends to Alice Lake. Unlike previous years where the weekend had been planned for the Fathers Day weekend in June, this year in an effort to get better weather we had changed the booking for August. Beating the weather from last year wasn't hard, as it POURED rain last year. The weather was better, but it wasn't great. The company and fun was good though like usual. Similar to past years Jen and Zach arranged a scavenger hunt in which the girls partook and had a good time. The "weekend" was actually a booking that was from Sunday to Tuesday. On leaving Alice Lake on Tuesday we stopped in at Porteau Cove on the way back for lunch.

The week back at work was obviously a short one then we started a week of holidays at our cabin. We had a very slow trip to the lake on the Saturday. We actually took our tent trailer so we could take it to the dealer and get a laundry list of items looked at. We left EARLY on Saturday morning (about 7:00am) and took until about 5:00pm to get there. On Sunday we went to the beach in the afternoon and had a nice time. That was the last of the nice weather we saw for most of the week. It poured rain most day that week. A couple of days later we did go for a hike and hiked with Glen's parents to a gorgeous lookout above Copper Island. The day after that we left the girls with Glen's parents while Susan and I took the trailer to Kelowna for the day to get the items dealt with. The dealer was good in taking the trailer and getting it all done in one day. We spent the day doing a bit of shopping around Kelowna before heading back home. We stopped and had dinner at Quaout Lodge before we got hom, just 3 minutes after the girls had gone to sleep (or so Glen's parents told us). On Frdiay the weather finally got nice, just in time for Zach and Jen and Jazmine and Corbin to arrive. We had a great couple of days boating, and even had a hike to the top of Copper Island. We had two wonderful days of boating with them, and had a birthday suppoer for Kayla. We then left LATE on Sunday evening and got home well after midnight. We used the holiday Monday to rest and prepare for Kayla to go back to school (grade 1).

The following weekend we stayed in town and both Kayla and Melissa went to the Burnaby Public Library summer reading celebration. On the Sunday we hosted over 20 kids at Kayla's very successful birthday party.

The weekend after that, Kayla went to her friend Connor's birthday party, a showing of Epic the film in Connor's backyard. Auntie Shirley had also invited the girls over for a sleepover, so Melissa went there for dinner while Kayla went to the birthday party. Susan and I had a very nice dinner at Da Mario's restaurant in North Burnaby to celebrate our anniversary, taking advantage of the circumstances that had both kids with dinner plans. After dinner we picked up Kayla from the party and took her to Shirley's, and then we went to the movies (Wolverine) to continue our date. It was nice to have an opportunity to sleep in on Sunday morning.

The evening of Thursday, Sep. 19 we attended the parent BBQ that was at Kayla's school. On Friday night we left for our cabin and had a pleasant relaxing weekend. We polished up the boat, the best looking it has been in years. We cleaned up the cabin. Dad and the girls made waffles on Saturday morning (which we had again toasted on Sunday morning). We had dinner at Glen's parents place on Saturday night, then headed home Sunday afternoon and got home at about 9:00pm.

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