Due to some considerable overtime, Glen had 3 weeks of holidays that he took to overlap with 2 weeks that Melissa's daycare was closed, and the 2 weeks that Kayla's school was closed.

About a week before Christmas, the city was hit with some snow and so we built a snowman. During Kayla's last week in school, Susan helped organize a very successful Santa breakfast at Kayla's school as part of the parent advisory committee (PAC). Every student was given pancakes and sausages and a visit with Santa in about an hour and a half. She got lots of compliments along with the team for the successful event. Since it was a snowy day, Melissa and dad went skiing right after the breakfast was over and had a good day at Mount Seymour. Other than that snow day, that was the only ski day during the holidays since the 13/14 winter turned out to be a late one.

Susan's parents put on a Christmas party and invited family and neighbours and had a good dinner and fun time playing Bingo.

On Christmas day itself after opening some presents we went for a walk in the neighbrouhood and ended up at a local park. For supper and later in the evening, we continued the tradition of going to Susan's cousin's Nancy's family's Christmas dinner. We all had a lot of fun playing Bingo and celebrating Christmas with family.

A couple of days after Christmas our friends Jen and Zach hosted a skating party and so we all went skating.

Susan went back to work for a few days after Christmas so dad and the girls went Geocaching at Lynn Canyon where we found the cache we were hunting for. On the weekend after Christmas we took advantage of a groupon offer and went to Maplewood Farms and saw many animals.

The New Years week we had some time at home. For New Years itself we went over to Keith and Karine's house where they hosted many families with kids in Kayla's class. We were the only family other than the hosts who stayed all the way until midnight. The day after (first day of January) we again did some geocaching close to home. That first week of Christmas (while mom was back at work) dad and the girls went bowling with Zack and Jazmine and Corbin and had some fun hiking.

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