Easter this year was mid April, and so we went to our cabin for the first time of the year on the Easter weekend. Glen's brother's family also went and stayed with Glen's parents and so we did lots with them. Besides the obvious Easter Egg hunt on Sunday morning, we also hiked to Evelyn Falls, and did quite a lot of work around our cabin clearing brush and unwanted scrub. On our drive home on Easter Monday we had lunch with Glen's parents at Quaout Lodge and stopped and hiked to Bridal Veil Falls a ways before Chilliwack.

Through these months the girls continued with weekly lessons. Kayla was in ballet lessons on the weekend through to mid May. Melissa was in music lessons that continue through into June. Both girls were taking swimming lessons on the weekends, and thankfully both girls passed their levels so will be moving up a level in the fall (Kayla to swim kids 5 and Melissa to Crocodile). Susan was taking accounting lessons every Monday and Wednesday evenings, so although the girls took gymnastics lessons for a while on the weekend, the schedule pressures soon hit us and they dropped that (at least for now). Both girls will be taking piano lessons through the summer, but that is still to start.

The Victoria Day long weekend wasn't much of a traditional long weekend as Glen had to work on part of the weekend while in Long Beach manning a table for his company. While there he ran into sister-in-law Helen who is a regular at the healthcare technology conferences. He got back late on Saturday night so from a time off point of view it was basically just a normal weekend.

Susan as part of the Parent Advisory Committee for Kayla's school helped organize a fund raising multicultural dinner that took place in late May. Glen was the emcee for the event.

On the last weekend in May we went to our cabin and had a gorgeous Saturday on the lake. Although the water was cold, both girls had a great time tubing behind the boat and swimming. Melissa swam around the boat a couple of times! Glen was the only adult to go in the water, and even in his wetsuit described the water as glacial and didn't stay in as long as Kayla did, who herself didn't stay in as long as Melissa! Of course there was also some time spent warming in the sun on the Cassel's dock. Taking advantage of a Professional Development (PD) day happening at Kayla's school the first Friday in June, and with both Glen and Susan taking the same day off, we look forward to a long weekend the first weekend in June.

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