The start of 2014 was a good one. Glen was off work for the week as Kayla's school was out. Due to being off, we kept Melissa out of daycare even though it was open. As mentioned in the Christmas journal, we went bowling. On the weekend, and to continue throug the spring, both Kayla and Melissa started swimming lessons on Saturday mornings. Also through January both Kayla and Melissa took skating lessons on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The second weekend in January on Saturdays Melissa started back at music lessons, and Kayla went back to ballet lessons. Both girls continued their gymnastics class on Wednesday evenings.

Also specifically for the second weekend in January Glen's parents flew to Bellingham, took a bus to the River Rock Casino in Richmond, and was picked up by Glen after he finished work for the day. They had a good quick visit before they flew back south. Mid January Kayla was involved in putting on a concert at her school where they did some modern dance (to Timber by Pitbull/Ke$ha).

The first weekend in February Glen was sick so Susan took the girls to all their lessons while Glen was at home recovering. Thankfully (probably due to getting the flu shot), the flu didn't last long.

By the end of the first set of ski lessons (5 in total) Melissa had seriously improved and was a proficient skier.

Later weekends in February had Melissa back in ski lessons on Sundays, while Kayla just joined dad and usually mom for free skiing. The last weekend in February had Susan's cousin Doris come to town for a night before she continued on to Whistler. It was good to see Doris as we hadn't seen her for a good number of years. The same weekend Kayla was invited to two birthday parties! So on the Sunday dad took Melissa to her ski lessons and skied for the day while mom stayed home to take Kayla to the birthday party.

Mid March Kayla's two weeks of spring break started. For the first week she went to Susan's parents place every (week) day. On the Saturday morning mid spring break we got up early and drove to Big White for our annual ski trip. This year we had our friends Jennifer and Zack join us with their kids Jazmine and Corbin. We had a great time! Melissa's, along with Kayla's skiing had really jumped forward due to all the practice they had got this winter! We spent 3 full days of skiing over 4 nights and 5 days in total at Big White. We will probably go skiing one or maybe even two more times at Mount Seymour as the snow still seems to be pretty good.

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