Mid April we had some very nice weather. The girls went on the weekend to a Salmon Release happening at Charles Rummel Park while dad stayed at home and did taxes. They had a great time releasing chum Salmon out of plastic bags into the creek. They got their faces painted and had a good time. They also repainted our front stairs, and did some maintenance on the front of our house, putting in some wood filler and painting boards that needed it. Many yard ornaments we had acquired due to Glen's parent's downsizing their place was also getting painted and being placed around the yard.

The first weekend in May the girls went to the Rhodedendron Festival happening at Deer Lake, Shadbolt Centre. They had a great time doing some art and again getting their faces painted (and of course seeing some beautiful flowers). Dad stayed home and mowed the lawn.

Melissa is down to her last few months of piano for this year, having done very well and kept up her practice through the whole year. Both Kayla and Melissa will be taking piano lessons next year. In preparation for that, and also to more properly handle the songs we are often assigned to learn, we finally went out and got ourselves an 88 key Yamaha digital piano to add on to our 61 key Yamaha (both girls will be able to practive simultaneously is the idea).

Just like her sister had a couple of years before, Melissa's class in school took part one evening at the Burnaby dance festival where she and her class did a few dances. We enjoyed the evening out. Technically families only get given 2 tickets, and you can ask for more if needed and maybe get given more. Melissa's teacher said Kayla could get given job as a helper if tickets were out, but we thankfully got given a third.

Mid May for the May Long Weekend we got away at a good time on Friday evening, and then stopped in at Glen's parent's new place in Kamloops. We visited until midnight before retiring for a good sleep. Both girls voted that they wanted to stay with Grandma and Grandpa for the weekend, so Susan and dad continued to the lake by ourselves while the girls had a good time in town. Good time they did! Kayla tells me they were up before six every day (it is very bright in Kamloops), and had a good time visiting parks, friends, and seeing nature (ducks). At the lake we filled out the paperwork for where our boat is being kept and we got lots of work done (and watched some movies each night, Leonardo DiCaprio in The Man in the Iron Mask the first night, and the thriller Red Eye the second night). We cleaned up the yard and cut the grass. We spent (too much :-) ) time working on the toilet, as it had various leaks one after another, as we fixed one leak it then had another somewhere else (4 trips to Scotch Creek over two days!!!). We had a contractor visit to prepare a quote to replace our deck, as after 15 years of North Shuswap sun and rain it is in pretty bad condition. We were all happy to be back together as one happy family on late Monday afternoon. The girls showed us the local playground part of the complex that my parents are in before we jumped in the truck and got going. We had dinner at McDonalds in Merritt. Most of the time we dismiss McDonalds because most of us don't want just fries and burgers and pop, which is how most of think of McDonalds instinctively. But we actually enjoyed our meal, getting a very good Caesar salad (with crispy chicken) and milk in addition to a few burgers. I think I've found my new McDonalds "standard" (to replace the Quarter Pounder with Cheese that I've had as a standard for the last 30+ years).

Hopefully our quote for our deck replacement comes in at a good price, we'll let you know...

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