Last update I promised I would update you as to whether we found a reasonable deal to repair our cabin deck. And we did get a good quote and so mid May our contractor started to replace our deck. His work continued through later May and into the first few weeks of June. Admittedly we never made it out to the cabin while the deck was being worked on, but we did in later June finally and were very happy with the results.

Early in June we attended the Burnaby Heights Association's Hats Off Day, and like usual, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Kayla and mom were a few minutes later than Glen and Melissa, as Kayla first attended her last art class before they showed up. The made it for the parade, both girls of course got their their faces painted. The girls both made an attempt at climbing a rock wall (not making it too far), and we saw some old cars at the car show.

Mid June school really started to wind down, in one week the school had a multicultural party day (a large part of it's organization lead by Susan) (attended by Susan), a visit to Queen's Park where the girls got to do some gymnastics and park play and water park and feeding farm animals (Glen got to go along on this), and all the school kids had a squirt gun fight against the teachers and parents (both Glen and Susan attended -- and got severely wet) and the fireman with their truck and hose (for a few minutes anyway).

As Melissa's first full year of piano lessons came to a close, she performed in a piano recital at Shadbolt Centre. Good job Melissa!

Once school was out, we went to the lake for some swimming. This year Canada Day was on a Wednnesday, so to take full advantage we took a couple of days of holidays and went to the lake for a full half week. While there we were visited for a good part by Zack and Jen and their kids Corbin and Jazmine. We went to 2 Canada Day celebrations. At the first we played some road hockey. We also played ping pong. At the second, the girls took part in fire fighting training. Later in the afternoon we went and spent time with Glen's parents at Ross Creek. During the following days we spent fun time on the water, and one day we went and did a portion of the hike at Albas Falls.

This year the girls were enrolled in a neat program called KidsWorld, where for a reasonable fee they are given tickets which they can use to go to something neat every day (and take one parent each), for no additional fee. It worked very well with Susan working part time. A select highlight of what they saw included a trip to the Vancouver Police Museum, bandaid application fun and first aid overview at St. John's Ambulance, and the Stave Lake Powerhouse. Due to Susan being part time, they also just got out for some summer enjoyment such as an afternoon spent at the Indian Arm beach.

Mid July Glen for work got sent to Milwaukee to placate a nervous customer where he besides spending time at the customer site, also got out to enjoy a bit of the Storm the Bastille festival, and also saw a picture of The Fonz.

As July came to a close, holidays ramped up. A few of Susan's relatives from Calgary, plus Susan's brother's family from Ontario all came to spend time at hour house in preparation for leaving for a trip to China. We didn't spent much time with them at all since our own holidays ramped up. Glen was very lucky to win a radio contest that got us four tickets to the Britannia Mine Museum. Truthfully we didn't use them this year, since we were just there last year, and will use them next year. We went for our annual friends trip to Alice Lake and of course had some good mountain biking, swimming, lots of biking, singing around the campfire, and of course marshmallow roasting. As usual the trip was well attended by families with kids. A good time was definitely had by all.

After three nights at Alice Lake we came home for one night and refilled with food, and then headed off on our main summer vacation which for this year was a family reunion in Picture Butte Alberta. Our first night on the road we stopped in at the Sicamous KOA. In the morning after having breakfast we drove just a short while down the road and stopped at The Enchanted Forest. The Enchanted Forest, for those who don't know, is a fun little place with nursery rhyme statues and that have many little nooks and crannies into which kids have fun fitting. We also spent some good time rowing around the lake. We arrived in Calgary late the second night and stayed in Susan's aunt and uncle's house, who were staying at our house in Burnaby in prep for their trip to China. Susan's cousin Kenny and his girlfriend Jocelyn (and pet hedgehog) were there to greet us and be great hosts for the next few nights. The following day we went with Susan's cousin Roger to Calaway Park where we rode some great rides. Both girls even rode the big roller coaster at the park. Later that evening we took out Roger and our hosts to the Japanese Village restaurant, a very entertaining restaurant where the cooking is as much a part of the value as the food you eat. Later that evening we went for a walk around the newly opened St. Patrick's Island park, which is right near where Kenny and Jocelyn will soon be moving into their new condominium. The next morning we did some back to school shopping, taking advantage of avoiding the PST (while still available, there has been rumor in Alberta politics of introducing such a tax). We then left for Drumheller. That evening we checked in at Dinosaur RV Park, and Glen's old friend Dave Shanks and his son Alex came out (they had made the trip down from Edmonton and were staying at a hotel in Drumheller) and we had dinner with them around the campfire. The next day we again met up with the Shanks, plus Glen's brother's family (also staying at another campspot around Drumheller) and went to the world famous Royal Tyrell Dinosaur Museum where we enjoyed seeing many dinosaur bones. Besides the museum, we also had fun in the downtown Drumheller water park. Late afternoon Dave and Alex left to drive back to Edmonton, and we enjoyed dinner with Glen's brother's family visiting us in our campsite. The next day we drove down to Picture Butte and spent the next several nights seeing family and golfing together. We golfed at the Picture Butte Golf Club. Glen's team was his uncle Van, Tom, and Jessica (not our niece, but Derrick Chartres girlfriend). Susan swapped with (niece) Jessica over a few days for golfing, and was teamed up with Jim, Robert, and Linda. After several days of fun we left and headed towards BC. We stopped and looked at the Frank Slide, before continuing our drive for the day where we ended up at the Fort Steele Resort & RV Campground. There was some confusion at the sign in desk due to some overbooking at the campground, but thankfully they found us a lovely spot they could put us in and we had a pleasant evening. The next morning after checking out we went over to spend time at the heritage town of Fort Steele. We toured the town by horseback, saw interesting things, and of course took train ride to a stop overlooking St. Mary's valley. Later in the afternoon we took a long drive (originally we had planned to visit Fort Steele the prior afternoon, but travel from Picture Butte to Fort Steele had been slower than planned) to Osoyoos. We checked in late at Walton's Lakefront Resort. A nice enough RV park mostly targetted at trailers with full hookups, we did get over to the beautiful sandy beach in the morning for a swim in what is supposedly the warmest lake in Canada. We got away at a good time in the morning, stopped for some fruit at a few fruit stands, and were back for dinner that evening and back to work on Monday.

The weekend after getting back from our holiday, we went and enjoyed a day at Playland, at Glen's annual family fun day at Playland. Rebecca and Jessica also went for the day. We all (Melissa included) rode ALL the roller coasters, including THE COASTER. Also on that weekend, Rebecca hosted Kayla, Melissa, and her sister Jessica for a sleep over. Taking advantage of the girls being away, we went out for dinner at Horizon's, then out to the movies to see Mission Impossible V. We had quite the adventure getting there, going to a few screenings that turned out to be sold out before we ended up finally at a late show.

We had planned to go to our cabin mid August, but Glen got called in to work on the weekend, which threw our original plan out the window. For working on the weekend, he did get given a couple of days to be off to be scheduled by choice.

The final weekend of August was planned to be Kayla's birthday party, which was to include a sleep over. Five girls had accepted to come to the party, with three planning to sleep over on the Saturday night. With a similarity to how Kayla's birthday was cancelled last minute in 2012 (but then due to Melissa being sick), Kayla's birthday again had to be cancelled at the last moment. The reason this time was that a serious storm hit the lower mainland, knocking out power to an estimated 700 THOUSAND customers. Not only were we without power for FORTY-FOUR hours, but we also had both streets surrounding our home closed. Truthfully, even with the power out, we still planned to hold Kayla's party, but when they closed the streets with fireman patrolling both streets not letting people in, we had to use our cell phones and send messages to all those that the party was cancelled (because no-one could get to our place). The reason for the streets being closed was that a couple of very large trees fell on the lines just down from our house and pulled all the wires down, including on the pole immediately in front of our house. We got by by putting the most important food in our plugin cooler and leaving the cooler plugged in to our truck batter (and then jumping the truck with the car battery in the morning when the truck battery had gone dead). To avoid cabin fever, we again took advantage of the KidsWorld passes and went for a drive to Kilby, just outside of Harrison Mills, just outside of Harrison Hot Springs. We first had lunch at Kilby Lake Park (whose campground impressed us very much, we're now thinking we'll have to stay there in some future year), before going to the Kilby Museum. The KidsWorld passes got us all in, and the girls had a great time feeding farm animals and looking at the history around the farm.

The week following saw the neighboring house out back of our place being torn down. The property was recently bought by a small developer who is subdiving the property into a couple of houses.

The labour day weekend we took advantage of one of Glen's extra days and booked the Friday off, so got away to our cabin on Thursday night. We spent Friday out on the boat with time at Horseshoe Bay for lunch and swimming, including a bit of time for Kayla to put on some waterskis and practice getting pulled by the rope. When we came in later in the afternoon, Glen's parents came out from Kamloops, with plans to stay at Glen's Uncle Earl's place for the weekend, and had dinner with us. Kayla got her birthday present from them, a lego set (and books) that amused both her and Melissa for the weekend. On Saturday Glen's parents again came over, and we all went out boating. Low water caused a prop nick that will have to be fixed, but it wasn't bad enough to stop us from going to the narrows for lunch. Glen's brother's family also made the trip from the lower mainland and arrived, with their trailer, at Earls' place late Saturday afternoon. We all had dinner at Earl's place. On Sunday we all hiked on the new trail to Evelyn Falls before having dinner at our place, where Kayla again got a birthday cake and a boisterous happy birthday sung to her. On Monday we spent the morning cleaning up, and doing the early prep for winterization. We gave our boat storage business (SunBum) the go-ahead to winterize our boat, and cleared out some of the things from our cabin, including the toboggan which hopefully we can get some good use out of this coming winter.

We had lunch on the way out at Earl's place, and left at about the same time as Jim's family. We had dinner at A&W in Coquitlam, before getting home and unpacking at about 7:30.

Kayla's birthday party (with sleepover plans) has been rescheduled for the coming weekend. Both girls start back at school tomorrow. Both girls start piano lessons in a couple of weeks, and then not long after will be back to swimming lessons. We are looking forward to a good year for skiing after last year's atrocious one. We will of course let you know as things progress).

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