The last few summers the girls have been members in a program called Kidsworld. By belonging to Kidsworld, they get invites every day of the summer to something interesting that usually would cost money to attend. For example in the past they have taken a Stanley Park Horse Drawn tour ride, they have gone on the Bear Creek Park train out in Surrey, they have taken intros to martial arts, they have toured the Vancouver Police Museum (which admittedly caused nightmares for Melissa for the following several months after she read about some of the gruesome things that some violent offenders have done), they have toured the Powerhouse at Stave Falls, they have done too many things to list here. There's no cost for going, and each member gets to take one adult for free as well.

This year for the first time Kidsworld has started a new membership which goes year-round, although there is not something every day unlike the summer, there's usually at least one or two things a week (usually on the weekend -- such as a tour through Van Dusen Botantical gardens, where we went this past weekend).

Last night (Wednesday night) was something that more than paid off the membership fee that we took advantage of, and that was to all go to see the Canucks play the Oilers in a pre-season game!

On a side note, next door to Rogers Arena where we were, there was a Whitecaps FC game going on in BC Place, so I suspect Jim and a few members of the family were downtown as well.

We had a good time at our game! Melissa took dad, and Kayla took mom. The game was very close and worth watching.

The girls were well behaved attendees. We kept encouraging them to get up and dance or do something outrageous in order to get themselves on the bigscreen. The kids immediately behind us -- I'm serious -- our heads touched their knees, managed to get a few seconds on the big screen by their animated cheering, but our row lived up to their expectations of any good Scott family member (we never saw any actions that gave us a chance of getting onscreen to entertain the 17,058 fans in attendance).

At 12:20 in the first period the first goal was scored by the Canucks on a power play (the Oilers had someone in the box for a delay of game penalty). At 14:21 the Oilers tied it up. At 16:59 Vancouver scored again to pull into the lead. At 19:27 the Oilers scored, to allow the first period to end with a tie of 2-2.

The first intermission saw a West Van minor team play to entertain the crowd (as well as all the big entertainment stuff like interviews and contests going on on the big scoreboard).

The second period saw both teams grind away without any scoring until 15:33 when Vancouver scored to put themselves one up. You may have heard that iPhones actually take a short video clip when you snap a regular picture, and I was lucky enough to snap a pic at just the right moment that the short clip it captured included this goal. At 19:05, the Oilers scored to see the second period end with a score of 3-3.

The third period started with great gusto, but made it until 15:53 when the Canucks scored on a power play (Oilers had a man in the box for tripping). Due to the power play, my intuition picked up a buzz in the air where I felt a goal may be scored, so I actually managed to get a proper video of the goal. 4-3. Just a few minutes left. A tense situation we were all hoping that the home team could fend off those pesky Albertans for a few minutes more and win the game. My intuition wasn't telling me anything good a few minutes later though (at 17:41) when the home team got a penalty for having too many men on the ice!!! My intuition made me feel even worse when the Oilers seemed to have the commanding upper hand and so pulled their goalie in order to get a 6 on 4 offense. Oh, I had been hoping for a break in the pattern that had so far reliably seen the Oilers follow every Canucks goal with a goal of their own a minute or few later, but it seemed as if the pattern would not be breaking yet...

Intuition!!! Buzz in the air!!! Phooey!!!

The pattern was broke!

A goal followed, but not in the way my intuition had feared it would! At 18:34, just a few seconds after the Oilers went up on offence to a 6 on 4 man lead, Erik Gudbranson (proving he was a good trade for the Canucks to pick up) got the puck away from the attacking 6 oilers, shot down the ice, and scored a goal!!!!

WE WIN!!!!!

We saw the game through to the end, happy to have the home town team victorious!!!

Both girls were asleep when we got home in the car, and everyone slept very well!

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